Image by Esteban Lopez

slackMOM Orgins

"My life sucks."

I know, a lot of people say that. Some say it without appreciating everything life has to offer; the people ignored, the places avoided, the opportunities overlooked. And then there are people who do appreciate those things, but, you know, their lives suck. Well, maybe not their lives, just certain parts. That's me.    

I love my kids. I have three stunning girls full of personality. I love the "new" partner in my life (we've been together 5 years now). I love our adventures, although they're not frequent enough. And where we live? Well, I do sort of love it, but I want an open relationship with other places.    

My life doesn't suck, just certain parts. Many moons ago, I was a bright and shining star.  I had a lot of potential to do a lot of great things, but those things didn't go as planned. And I'm not playing the blame game. It wasn't fate or bad luck or that curse I can't yet prove. Bad shit happened. I failed to overcome it. After that, it was easy to fall into a rut. I failed to overcome that too. Before I knew it, I was well into my thirties, living a monotonous existence, just going through the motions.    

But, at some point very recently, after a shitstorm of whatever, albeit fate, bad luck, or that damn curse I can't fucking prove, compounded, a part of my brain just clicked. It said, "No more. Time to overcome this shit."    And here I am. To prove my life doesn't suck.