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"My job sucks."

I used to be FOCUSED. I worked so hard when I was a kid making sure everything was perfect to be a great doctor of psychology. Great grades, great clubs, great credentials, no life. But, hey, in the end, I got a great scholarship. Then that damn forgotten curse came back around. Due to a technical error, I lost my great scholarship. All that time spent, all those years of extreme self discipline and sacrifice, gone with one phone call. The voice on the other end gave me a deadline to pay off the tuition balance. I didn't have a dime. Even worse, I didn't have a backup plan.

So, with that excuse followed by a few others, I ended up with a shitty retail job. Then, instead of fighting my way out, I settled into that job.

Over a decade later, I'm still there. And I dread every single shift.

You know what? Fuck that job

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