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Saved By My Drone... Well, Inspired By

What to do? What to do? Well, I like unique jobs with potential demand. Let's get a license to fly drones commercially.

I actually didn't randomly pick this. I like drones. I have a drone. It takes awesome pics from the sky. And I love photography. Although I've never pursued it professionally, except for that job at the drug store developing film many many years ago, I've always had a passion for it since I was very young. It was a constant hobby until I lost my scholarship. Then it became more of a dramatic artistic lifestyle. It was brief, but I loved it. I was just too young and dumb to sustain it.

Anyway, back to drones. Anyone can fly a drone for fun, with basic common sense limitations, like not flying after dark or flying over people. To make money, though, you must have a special license, an FAA Part 107 certification. Once you have that, it opens up other job opportunities in the construction and engineering, real estate, and, what do you know, photography fields. There's even opportunities in search and rescues. How awesome would that be to save a life?

So, I figured what do I have to lose, besides a couple hundred dollars? Yep. The test costs money, which is to be expected. I've seen anywhere from $109 to $179, depending where you go. And the test has a reputation for being difficult. I have pass with a minimum of 70% (at least 42 of the 60 questions.) the goal is to study, and I mean STUDY, so I pass the first time. That was one thing I was good at, studying. After all, I did get an academic scholarship.

.... But I'm gonna need help. I'm sure there are free resources out there available, just like with everything else. I, however, chose to pay for an online course because I knew I would better understand the material with an instructor. After all, it's just a few hundred more dollars. Wow. This is starting to add up. It's ok. I gotta bet on myself, have faith, have confidence, yada yada.

All right, so after reading a few, or several, reviews over too many days, I finally decided on Drone Pilot Ground School. After the promo code, it cost me $199. I already started the first section, and I'm pretty sure I made the right decision. It looks professional, and more importantly, thorough. I'll keep you posted while I push through.

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